This is the licence for Puzzlang, Polygamo and any other software or content released as part of this project. It is not a formal licence document complete with legal boilerplate and multiple clauses, so it may not grant all the rights or provide all the protections that you need. For now it is a preliminary version of the licence intended to apply to early releases, and may be updated over time.

For some purposes the GPL might be a better choice but the GPL comes with attitude and clauses that are not suitable, and it cannot be amended. So here instead is the PFSL.

The Polyomino Free Software Licence

This is open source software and it is free, in both senses. You are free to download it, use it or modify it and to create games with it. You may also distribute this software or your games created with it or use it to offer services to others provided that:

  1. You do so on the same terms as you received it, by including a copy of this licence
  2. You retain in the source code or other materials all copyright and attribution notices
  3. Any such distribution or services are also free of charge.

Open source is recommended, but not required as long as the game is free and
distribution or services are on non-commercial terms.

Since games depend on content the rules apply not just to the program code
and the game scripts but also to every image, icon, font or sound
clip that is part of the game. Free means free.