Update release 19j23 now available

Puzzlang is a pattern language for abstract single-player games and puzzles, with a Unity player. This version targets PC desktop and Web browser, but can be built to play on a phone just as easily. You can play it here or download it here.

The release includes the Puzzlang games engine, Unity player and a selection of games written by others. The Puzzlang engine compiles and executes games scripts. It is nearly feature complete with PuzzleScript, and has a few extensions.
The Unity player is quite basic, compared to what Unity can achieve, but it can play games and it too has a few enhancements. The games are selected from the PuzzleScript demos plus a few extras, and show the range of what now works.

Puzzlang and its player can play most PuzzleScript games with 100% compatibility. The following enhancements are implemented so far.

  1. Mouse input events Fire1, Fire2, Fire3 and Hover, applied to any object defined as ‘clickable‘.
  2. Objects can have text sprites, either a single character or a string.
  3. Setting pause_at_end_level makes the engine wait for an extra input at the end of each level. The player implements this.
  4. Setting pause_on_again makes the engine wait for an extra input when processing an again loop. The player implements this.
  5. Object sprites can be any pixel size, not just 5×5. The minimum is 2×2. Support for named images is planned.
  6. Commands for undo and reset (start over, discarding any checkpoint).
  7. There is an input for reset, not bound to any key but used in testing.
  8. The player allows Pause, Reset, Quit, Restart from a chosen level and Select a game from multiple pages including gists.
  9. Additional input event Reaction, similar to Action but not bound to a key.
  10. Commands level, status, text, call (see sample programs).

So feel free to try it online, download it, play it, give it away. Let me know about any problems you find.

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