The Puzzlang Project Begins

PuzzleScript is a fascinating language for writing puzzle games, particular those of the block-pushing variety. It has a strong following, with hundreds of games written in it to various levels of quality. It is particular well-suited to prototyping a game (of a suitable genre) prior to turning it into a commercial quality distributable game. Full credit to Stephen Lavelle, whose many other creations may be found at increpare.

The aim of the Puzzlang project is to implement the PuzzleScript language using modern compiler tools, to put it on a firm footing from which it can be developed further. One reason is to target different platforms, such as Unity or mobile devices. Another is to improve the visual appearance, with higher resolution images and text. And there is the possibility of adding new features such as mouse support and new genres of puzzles based on the same pattern matching ideas.

So we begin.

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