Polygamo Initial Release

Polygamo is a language compiler and general player for abstract games and puzzles. You can read more about it here.

The aim of Polygamo is to allow a human to play any general games and puzzles as long as there is a Game Description Language to describe them and a device to play them on.

The initial release is a Unity player with an implementation of the ZRF language. The project includes a games library, responsible for parsing the game description and providing the logic to play the game, an AI based on MCTS, a player for Unity, and a few sample games. This is just the first release, to get some feedback and gauge interest. More will follow.

This is open source software and it is free, in both senses. You are free to download it, free to use it or modify it and free to create games with it, at no charge. If you pass Polygamo or your games on to others you have to do so in exactly the same way: open source, free to use, free to modify and at no charge. For more details see Licence.

You can download Polygamo from Github here. You can submit issues there, or contact me through this web site.

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